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Launchcast lyrics

I love my Launchcast station. Over the course of... wow, a long time, I've rated more than 13,000 songs, albums, and artists, and ended up with a music stream that provides a pleasantly random mix of favorites, like 'ems, and unknowns. Something I've come to appreciate about Launchcast is that no matter how many things you've rated, it will always throw in some stuff you haven't rated. That helps to keep things feeling fresh.

Anyway, I recently decided to celebrate my station by making a CD of its offerings. That meant turning on the stream, writing down the songs I own, and capturing the ones I didn't by the extremely high-tech means of running a cable from my speakers' headphone jack to the input jack of my sound card. Then I split up the captured data and exported the songs into mp3 form, combined them with the songs I own, and voila, a CD. The mix was fun and surprising as usual, and as a bonus, makes me look hipper than I actually am.

Here's a lyric from each song on the CD. (Well, almost. There were two instrumentals -- a demo version of Fleetwood Mac's "Never Going Back Again", and "Chico's Groove" by the Chemical Brothers.) Since it's not like this blog is crawling with readers, anybody can guess as many as they want.

  1. I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room
  2. I'm in a world of chronic discontent
  3. Just a few more miles, it's a rock'n'roll weekend
  4. Dividing our country into colors and still leaving black people neglected
  5. I found a thrill to press my cheek tojoenotcharles
  6. Darlin', on you I hold no legal claim
  7. Love, unlike lightning, can strike you twice
  8. I love you baby, but I sure ain't gonna be your dog
  9. I have heard the blackbird pipe his note
  10. We need a helping hand from this abyss of sinking sand
  11. I need you always -- you need me now and then
  12. Never start a band with a best friend
  13. I can't wait for the oxygen to get thin
  14. I can never relax -- I've got to keep it exciting
  15. I'll change the way you feel inside, before it's too late
  16. We could be friends, in our special stupid way
  17. Sex reminds her of eating spaghetti
  18. You always have my unspoken passionjrw
Tags: memes, music, trivia

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